Saturday, March 28, 2009

Pembelajaran Sains dan Matematik dalam Bahasa Inggeris

1 RabiulAkhir 1430H

I always agree to the teaching of Math and Science in English. And never understand why it is kept on being debating to withdraw it. It might be due to my own experience on how I've to struggle during my university days, to learn the subjects in English. On top of that I neither have an English spoken family background nor speak English all the time during school days. Likewise some of my university friends who were schooling at convent school or any other school that emphasised English at all time.

As a mother, I don’t want my children to undergone what I’ve been through.
As a was struggling to use English to learn engineering in University, I’m also still struggling to speak English with my children in our everyday conversation hoping that they could be a lot more better in their education as compared to myself.
This article from ‘Che Det’ makes it a good point on how important English is............

Just think about it.........please..........


FIR a.k.a DAK-US said...

Dear Ms,

I'm sorry to say that I would agree with decision made by our goverment now.
As from the research, we have found that the percentage of students who scored in their exam is less compared to those students who are failed with it.

We couldn't simply ignore with other people who are currently studying with it. But, as from my own opinion, the basic itself is much more important.

Another thing, u might compare your teacher and the teacher we were having at school. I believe that your teacher at school (primary or secondary) might be importer somewhere over the world. that is the reason why there are people (previously) succeed to learn english very well.

Besides that, you had mention this statement, "As a was struggling to use English to learn engineering in University". Does it means, you did not learn Math and Science in english during you primary school or secondary school?. If so, why would u encourage goverment to proceed with what so called "ting tong" project.

Think bout it.


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