Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hot Air Ballon at Putrajaya

1 Rabiulakhir 1430H

Actually in the recent school break, we had no plan of taking the kids anywhere. Thinking that the school break was only for a week, so just let them stayed at home and enjoyed watching tv. Until nearly the end of the week when my neighbour and also the mother to my son's best friend (Hazim) told me that there was a hot air balloon show at Putrajaya.

Without further due, told Mr. Huby that it would be good if all of us went there as well. Not planning to ride on the balloon since the kids are not that adventurous, as we arrived there on the Saturday morning at almost 7.30 the ticket to ride the balloon for the day was already sold out! worries...
We just went lingering there watching as the balloons and the passengers went up to the air.

Just enough I thought...for the kids to have an ‘outbreak’ during the school break!



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