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Syawal 1430H - Aidilfitri 2009

5 Syawal 1430H

It's already been quite some time since the last time I write in this blog. I'm still remember how I started this blog in the last Ramadhan and through out the month I was writing at almost every single day telling about how tough it was to trained my son, Arif to get used to the fasting. This Ramadhan is almost the same story with Arif having to treat him so right to make him fasting but it seems that he is no better than the last year. Anyway I just pray that he will learn the lesson well sonner or latter to be a very good and responsible Muslim. Unlike my daughter, Isya who is two years younger than Arif, is more managable in terms of educating her on the responsible to obey the 3rd rukun Islam. Some say girl is more easy to handle than boy, maybe they are right in a way.

Through out the fasting month, eventhough I have taken some photos of the food delicacies to be posted together with the recipe in here; but I could not make the time to down load the photos and write something about it in here.

Here are some photos of the food that I prepared during the fasting months....

Ini ialah bingka daging bercheese resepi ambil dari Buat bingka daging ni masa jemput Liza datang berbuka puasa.

Cup cakes ni buat in advance utk birthday arif, sbb actual birthday nya hari khamis since weekend je free so buat aje lah masa weekend yg Liza datang berbuka tu...

Ini pula ialah roti tortilla yang dimakan bersama salad serta 'chicken shawarma'.

Salad dimakan bersama chicken shawarma

Ini lah chicken shawarma, resepi insyallah akan tempek kemudian

Ramuan taburan untuk laksa johor - yg ni pun buat masa Liza dtg berbuka

sambal belacan utk laksa johor

spagetti utk laksa johor juga...hhmmm...takde pulak gambo laksa johor the full version

Puding berwajah ross

Biskut makmur yg sempat dibuat

Serta jem tart

Bibik melayan bebudak main bunga api kat depan rumah

Kawan arif pun datang join main bersama

I guess maybe this time I just write about what had happened during our journey from Puchong to Ipoh and cerita beraya.

We started our journey from Puchong after sahur at about 5.15a.m on Saturday hoping that by that time the traffic should be cleared. It was a smooth journey until we reached near bidor where the traffic started to build up just before the 3 lane highway is merging into 2-lane. The traffic condition were at bumper to bumper especially when it comes to the RSA's and layby's area where higway users stop by the emergency lane due to high volume of vehicles at the parking lots. Thank God that it still moving eventhough at some area it was moving very slow and in other area the speed of our car increased to more that 80km/hr (but of couse not more than the speed limit!)
Through out the 3 and a quarter hour journey, our car was cruising on the highway safely, we stop by for subuh prayer at sungkai toll since the RSA and layby were very packed of people. We reached Simpang pulai toll at 8.45a.m.

All of us except for my bibik are staying at kak yang's house since there is no available room at Nyah's house.

The Raya night, I manage to make some ketupat, ori punye tau not the plastik one! I've already bought the sarung ketupat in advance in KL. Not easy to get a ready made sarung ketupat in Ipoh, and not even the daun since lemang is the favaurorite meals for Raya in Perak instead of ketupat. I just make the ketupat so that Mr Huby suka la sket since we are not going back to his kampung where my mother in law will always masak ketupat. I also make some kuah lodeh and sambal tumis to eat together with the ketupat.
Si anak dara ku pun sebok nak posing sebelah ketupat

Ketupat yg bergantungan setelah siap masak

After solat sunat Aidilfitri, we all went to Nyah's house to meet my mother. After that continue beraya to my relatives and friends house in Ipoh.

Gambar raya tahun

Bergambar bersama kak yang dan bibikku serta bibk nyah

Bergambar bersama Encik

The best thing, second day of raya my family and I got to stay at Yop's apartment at Cameron Highland.

On the way nak turun, sempat singgah ke Butterfly park yg rasanya tak berbaloi pergi, sbb tgh buat renovation. Butterfly pun tak berapa banyak yg ada...

Si kecik Damia sedap tido, maklumle sejuk...suhu turun paling rendah dalam 18 degree C

Apartment Yop yg serba complete walaupun sekali sekala saja dia datang, meeting point dgn anak2nya bila2 diorang rasa malas nak balik Kelantan

Sanagt selesa dan seeejjjookkkkk...

Kawasan apartment Yop

Hari Khamis petang kami pun bertolak balik ke K.L......



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